What is Streetwatch?

Knowing where your vehicles are.
Anytime and just one click away.

Streetwatch is an easy-to-use GPS tracking system. It offers fully automated and absolutely gapless documentation of your trips. Thereby it saves you from time-consuming paperwork and reduces the total costs of your vehicle fleet thanks to extended controlling possibilities.

Where can I use Streetwatch?

Basically everywhere where vehicles and objects are in motion. Typical applications are taxis, trucks as well as rental or company cars.

But the possibilities go far beyond this: With our in-house development we keep the independency and flexibility to -apart from our standardized applications- adjust to our customers' needs.

For example, our flexible system has already been used for tracking container and freight transports as well as yacht chartering. Monitoring the temperature of refrigerated trucks or observing the working status of building machines are only two further examples of the wide range of applications.

Challenge us with your requirements and wishes - we'll be glad to offer you a tailor-made solution!

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Which features does Streetwatch offer?

  • Live tracking of your vehicles

    With Streetwatch you know exactly where your cars are - anytime and from anywhere.

  • Live tracking of your vehicles
  • Logbook with driver detection and private mode

    Streetwatch records all your trips fully automated and absolutely gapless!

  • Real-time geozone alarms

    We alert you as soon as one of your vehicles reaches or leaves your specific geozone areas.

  • Effective anti-theft device
  • Effective anti-theft device

    In case of a theft you can locate your vehicles, building machines etc. anytime with our live tracking.

  • Digitales Lenkprotokoll

    Unsere einzigartige Lösung erspart Ihrem Personal unzählige Stunden an Dokumentationsarbeit.
    › Digitales Lenkprotokoll

  • Digitales Lenkprotokoll
  • Monitor your fuel consumption

    Keep an eye on your fuel consumption and unveil irregularities and thefts immediatelly.

  • No software installation

    Streetwatch is a fully web-based software, so you don't need to bother with time-consuming installation.

  • Optimized for smartphones and tablets
  • Optimized for smartphones and tablets

    As flexible as you: For working on the move our system is optimized for mobile devices.

What can we do for you?

Streetwatch is the most efficient tool to monitor your vehicles and helps you to spot enormous potentials for savings.

Our system offers absolute transparency between you and your employees and empowers you with extended controlling possibilities. It helps you to save money and reduce risks. It increases the efficiency of your planning and saves your staff from a lot of unnecessary paperwork.

Streetwatch supports working in teams. Therefore you can give your employees the rights to view and validate their own logbooks. Furthermore, Streetwatch can be connected to your internal systems through our flexible interfaces, allowing you to further process any data recorded.

We offer extensive consultation and nationwide technical support. Get in touch - we look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Austria & Europe

    Streetwatch GmbH
    Zacharias-Werner-Gasse 11
    2344 Maria Enzersdorf

    Contact person:
    Ing. Andreas Stachetsberger

    P: +43 664 20 60 972
    F: +43 2236 63 702
    E: andreas@streetwatch.eu

    GPS coordinates:
    N 48° 4' 9.9588"
    E 16° 18' 45.648"

  • Germany

    Streetwatch Deutschland GmbH
    Westhafenstrasse 1
    13353 Berlin

    Contact person:
    Max Edler

    P: +49 1773 730 303
    F: +49 3075 633 676
    E: info@streetwatch.de

    GPS coordinates:
    N 52° 32' 15.392"
    E 13° 20' 30.811"

  • Slovakia

    Streetwatch spol s r.o.
    Paulínyho 8
    81102 Bratislava

    Contact person:
    Rastislav Kolčák

    P: +421 918 117 887
    E: info@streetwatch.eu

    GPS coordinates:
    N 48° 8' 27.06"
    E 17° 6' 26.568"

  • Hungary

    Streetwatch Kft.
    Fuvola utca 13.
    1028 Budapest

    Contact person:
    Orbán Péter

    P: +36 20 59 11 111
    E: office@streetwatch.hu

    GPS coordinates:
    N 47° 33' 20.956"
    E 18° 57' 14.249"

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